Global Heuristic Online Supernatural Tracking System

The GHOST system (GHOSTS), currently in development, is an online database that collects and stores data taken by
MAPRI affiliated groups. Other MAPRI groups will be able to search the database to access the data regarding
other MAPRI team’s data to learn and assess their own team’s data.

This is important for teams that consider data gathering paramount to their investigation.

A MAPRI team will be able to upload video clips, E.V.P clips, data sheets and notes on experiments so that other
teams can see if any other groups have experienced similar environments.  That team can then see what data readings
and experiments were used and can choose options to either develop other experiments or to try to recreate the previous
team’s experiment.  This gives our teams the freedom to develop cutting edge research techniques.

GHOSTS will also allow open lines of communication between MAPRI teams so that they can also work together to
get the most accurate paranormal data ever collected.

This is more than a data collection system. This is a database that will hopefully allow MAPRI members to create real
research papers that could potentially change the face of paranormal sciences.

If you have SQL database experience and this sounds like a project you might be interested in working on we are always
looking for people who want to help develop this project.

Email us at: info@mapri.org